Top 7 Reasons Why WordPress Rocks for Websites

When I created my first website I did it from ‘scratch’. That means I hand-coded every line of the site in HTML coding. It was time-consuming, pain-staking and some times down right frustrating.

Many years have passed and these days getting your website up is NOT the hard part. WordPress makes it very easy to get a site up in a matter of minutes (I timed myself one day and had a site up and ready to post to in 10 minutes!)

Sure there are still older, more costly and more complicated ways of building a website but why bother when WordPress is ALL that you need?

Here are 7 Reasons Why WordPress is Best:

1. Install in MINUTES – your website can literally be up in it’s most basic format in a matter of minutes. This involves using a great host like Bluehost and they’re three-click installation.

2. It’s FREE – Oh yeah, you don’t pay a cent for this highly advanced website and blog software. Is that Cool or what?!

3. It’s a Website – If you want just a website WordPress can be that.

4. It’s a Blog – If you want just a blog, WordPress also can be that. OR if you want a WordPress and blog combined you can do that too.

5. It’s Got RSS – If you’re not familiar with RSS the most important thing for you to understand here is this: By setting up your site or blog with RSS you allow people to ‘subscribe’ to your content and get updated automatically whenever you add something new.

6. It’s Extremely Flexible – There are thousands upon thousands of add-ons called ‘plugins’ that you can get for WordPress and make it do just about anything you can dream of. From stopping spam, adding audio to automatically updating your site and more.

7.It’s Easily Customized – Again, there are thousands of WordPress ‘themes’ available that allow you to create a very customized look without paying thousands for a completely custom site.

The important thing to understand is that WordPress is not just for blogs. It can be a very powerful website design program. And another bonus is that you can edit your site anywhere at any time! No need to wait on website designers or worry about what files are the most recent – it’s all online for easy access.

So there you have seven reasons why WordPress just plain rocks for websites, blogs or both.

If you want some examples of what else it can do and if you’re ready to learn how to set up your own or your clients sites then join me as I teach you in this online video, webinar and email coaching program everything you need to know about creating rocking websites and blogs with WordPress.


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