4 Reasons Why SEO Strategies Fail

The practice of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is feared by some internet marketers as it is seen to be an intricate process and usually yields very little results. SEO companies will also intimidate you with this type of thinking because they want your business. This may or may not be your experience as an internet marketer. However one thing is true, as much as Search Engine Optimization strategies work, there are as many failures. If you intend to be successful at your SEO strategies you need to know why they fail.

Here are some reasons for SEO strategy failure:

Keyword stuffing

If you’ve been on the internet for any length of time and working on your SEO strategies, you would have come across the statement that content is king. But it’s not just that content is king, quality content is king. So if you’re overusing keywords in poor quality content that’s a surefire way to get your site banned by the search engines, not to mention it’s a good way to turn off your customers. They are looking for useful information not junk and if you can provide that then, you have half the SEO battle won. Currently according to SEO rules, your keyword density shouldn’t exceed 3-4% of your total content. Some people prefer to play it safe and not go past 3%.

SEO can’t revive a dying business

You shouldn’t waste your time on SEO strategies if your business is dying. If it can’t pay its debts, is unable to perform its day to day functions and is facing bankruptcy or other issues, then all SEO efforts employed at this stage will be futile. Your efforts will be better spent concentrated on other things, maybe doing market research to start a new business.

Reputation management issues

Word of mouth is still a powerful advertising tool today as it was way back then. It’s no different on the internet either maybe it’s even more so.  With all the social sites and forums around, customers have instant access to voice their discontent. Personally I don’t buy a product without doing extensive research on the seller. If customers are dissatisfied with your company others are going to hear about it. Complaints and negative reviews can hurt your business. If your business has more links for negative reviews and reports than for its SEO links, the search engines will pay more attention to those links. Then even with best SEO strategy, your business could still decrease in rankings and possibly come off the page in the search engines.

 Failure to include SEO strategies in website changes

Let’s say you embarked on an SEO campaign, to build links for example. During the process you make changes to the site to accommodate the campaign, but you failed to use the SEO strategies in the new changes. Bad move! Your site could have a significant decrease in page ranking which could lead to a reduction in website traffic. So what’s the lesson from this point? Always remember to include search engine optimization strategies when updating your websites.

It’s not always easy to pinpoint why SEO strategies fail. Every marketer wants their SEO efforts to be successful. One of the ways to ensure success is to avoid making the same mistakes of others by learning from theirs. So if you’re going to know what works it’s imperative that you have an understanding of why SEO fails.

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